​About Track+Fits: 
Track + Fits has created a lane for track athletes and fashion. We are the platform that supports athletes outside the stadium by changing the narrative of track and fashion through easily-consumed content for a new generation of track fans. We have a fast-growing community and have built countless relationships with professional track athletes who stand behind what we do. Despite our social media posts, we’re only just getting started. Our mission is to bring the culture to a level the track world has never seen before.
Role: Founder and Creative Director
Year: Launched in 2022, first event coverage in May 2023
From May 2023 to June 2023, Track+Fits has reached over 90k accounts in just under 30 days. Our hashtag campaigns, clever captions, and SEO marketing strategy have resulted in a +349% growth in followers on Instagram.
We have built collaborations with World Athletics, Runner's World magazine, sports agents and brands such as Puma, Nike and Adidas.